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CTI offers a wide variety of adult learning opportunities, the following classes are currently ongoing, they are open to all members and guests:


Take your Tanakh in the PM

Come and learn about about one of the greatest prophets in Jewish history: Jeremiah. What was Jeremiah's message to his people? What was Jeremiah's real mission? Was he successful? Was he a failure? In this TYT series, we will explore the life, times and prophecy of Jeremiah in a way which makes the Tanakh come to life. You won't want to miss out on this exciting and educational experience! 

This class meets Tuesday nights at 7 PM at B'nai Abraham. For questions, contact, 512-410-0336 ex. 101.


Take your Tanakh in the AM

In the morning class we explore the lives, personalities, struggles and moral messages of the Trei Asar, the Twelve Minor Prophets. Please join us we delve into the life and times of Hosea the Prophet!

This class meets Wednesday mornings at 8:15 AM at B'nai Abraham. For questions, contact, 512-410-0336 ex. 101.


Melton Adult School of Jewish Learning

Rabbi Dan will be teaching "Rhythms of Jewish Living" on Mondays from 8:20 - 9:30 PM at the JCC.

For more information on the Melton School and how you can become part of the largest adult Jewish educational institution in the world, click here.


Shiur During Seudah Shelishit

Every Saturday during seudah shelishit, a shiur will be given, refer to the weekly bulletin for this week's speaker and topic. 

Tue, January 23 2018 7 Shevat 5778